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Champagne digital medium format dreams on a Budweiser budget

I just learned something and I cannot contain myself!

There exists an adapter. Which mounts medium format lenses. On APS-C bodies. And you use it to slide the camera around to create a 3-6 exposure panorama.

Without moving the lens.

Which means you get medium-format-level megapixel panoramas with no parallax to deal with.

You get the genuine medium format field of view.

And with medium format lens optical resolution.


Some examples

Look at this example shot on a Fujifilm X-A1, which is a low-end, 8-year-old, 16-megapixel APS-C camera using a Zeiss lens (for Hasselblad). The detail! The vibe! It's got that medium format feeling. And the full size image is 11,531 x 9294.

tree in field
Simplemente... cebollas
Sony NEX with Mamiya 645 80mm Macro
Baite sul sentiero per Codelago
Fujifilm X-T10 with Pentax-A 645 75mm lens

I'm dying of happiness and anticipation.

The details

The adapter in question is the Fotodiox Rhinocam Vizelex and I already grabbed a cheap one with the Hasselblad adapter ($65!!), and am ordering the Mamiya 645 adapter to it ($35!!).

Zeiss lenses are not in the budget right now but the M645 lenses are cheap as chips (~$200).

The setup is unwieldy but that's to be expected; panorama tripod heads are also unwieldy. For the things I want it for, that's perfectly fine. Now I really need to buy a good tripod.

Fotodiox Rhinocam Hassy V-mount to Fuji X
not all lenses are as big as this one, but yeah… it's a big boi